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The Road, by Cormac McCarthyWhen Oprah speaks, everyone reads—or so the bookstores would have us think, with their gold “Oprah’s Bookclub” stickers and “Recommended Reading” lists. I usually avoid the frilled up, racked tables at the front of the store, but every now and then, something with the “Oprah’s Bookclub” sticker looks like it could be good. “The Road“, by Cormac McCarthy (No Country for Old Men), was one of those: a literary Mad Max according to those in the know. Now, it looks like The Road may even be coming to the big screen, with Charlize Theron and Guy Pearce (or maybe Viggo Mortensen).

McCarthy evokes a bleak, meaningless end to the world in this story set within the final whimper – fields of ash and snow, dead plants, the detritus of riots, fleeing refugees, and burning cities. The only other living things on the barren landscape are the cannibalistic groups, feeding off the weak and the dead.


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