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Something strange is happening to me.

I’m being linked to.

I know there are a few links to me from Wikipedia—I see the referrals in my stat logs. Now, though, one of my Human Rights posts has been linked to from Cirobar, Baha’i Views, Out of My Mind, &c. I’m touring the internet.

When I posted my thoughts on Baha’i Rights and Forced Marriage before that, I was worried. Was I moralising? Didactic? Condoning? Judgmental? I hoped not, but I wasn’t sure. And yet, I feel that even if I don’t have much to contribute, even if my thoughts and opinions are lost in the great ocean of internet, the possibility that I may make someone think, really think, for just a moment, is too great to ignore. It seems a few other people agree that posting to encourage thought is important, and I am glad.

Such a response started me thinking, though—if my tiny little corner of the internet can garner attention in a few days, why not carve out a little more space? So I chatted to a few people, and they chatted back to me, and we decided to start up a communal weblog that would allow us each to post about things we feel are important. The posting will not have to be human rights oriented—it can be a note on anything, the only caveat being that it makes people, or encourages people, to think.


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